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New album: Dwellers of the Deep

After three years of composing, jamming & recording, our new album is now set for release on October 23rd through Karisma Records.

Preorders are now available (see below); standard black as well as three different limited deluxe editions in (1) marble green/purple, (2) colour-in-colour red/yellow and (3) transparent, on 180g vinyl along with digipack and jewel case CD and digital download. The limited vinyl editions come with a good old fashioned poster to boot! We also have Dwellers of the Deep t-shirts in three different colours! Bundles awailable for most items.

Preorder here:

Dwellers of the Deep

If you enjoyed From Silence to Somewhere and want the same all over again, you´ll be disappointed, to a certain degree at least. Although, it´s most recognisably Wobbleresque. On the other hand, it´s an impressionistic take on a late 2020 that nobody expected. So maybe you need it. Not that we planned it that way. We only knew that we couldn´t do Silence all over again. Indeed, some material goes all the way back to 2013, but mostly the all-band compositions were made between 2017 and 2019, before we finally entered the studio for a long recording period.

The recording sessions were somewhat shaped partially by what was happening during the first months of Covid-19. In a very Decameronesque way, we sent "histories" to each other from our hermitages, while the plague waited in the shadows outside.

It contributed to a sense of meaningful gravity, making it crucial that the task at hand be fulfilled with our most sincere and unparalleled endeavours.

The lyrical themes on the album deal with human emotions, and the ongoing struggle between juxtaposed forces within the psyche. An introspective voyage amongst the realms of memories, feelings and instincts, where the light is brighter and the dark is darker. The concepts of wonder, longing and desperation permeates the histories told, and the currents from the deep are ever present. The final track, "Merry Macabre”, is a 19 minute suite taking the listener through aspects of the darker sides of Wobbler´s sound. "Merry Macabre" probably sums up what we wanted to express this time around; songs with a weirder tint, an experimental, almost impressionist splitting of themes that at the same time provides a larger frame. And some parts are just Wobblerian rock´n´roll.

Track listing for Dwellers of the Deep

A1. By the Banks (13:49)

A2. Five Rooms (08:28)

B1. Naiad Dreams (04:24)

B2. Merry Macabre (19:00)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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