Marius Halleland - guitars/vocal - 2014 - present

Marius grew up with Kristian and original guitarist Morten Andreas Eriksen. The trio was inseparable through their early adolescence. Their first band morphed into one of the two proto-bands that evolved into Wobbler. When Kristian and Morten wanted to delve deeper into vintage-prog inspired music Marius pursued other musical avenues.

After years of musical wandering and more or less stable band pursuits in several genres, including a long stay with Norwegian classic metal band Thunderbolt, he was invited to fill in on a small Italian tour with his old friends in Wobbler. The combination of old friendship and mutual points of musical reference quickly ensured that the temporary gig became a permanent position. Marius currently lives on his farm on the Norwegian west coast where he splits his time between teaching norwegian to high school kids and refugees, tutoring a couple of guitar students and playing his guitar with anyone and anything that´ll have him.

When I was asked to provide pictures and some words on my guitars I automatically thought it seemed a bit pretentious.

-Who am I to flaunt my tools amidst the overwhelming sea of greatness that is the contemporary world of guitars and the people who play them?

Then, on the other hand, I asked myself the simple question;

-Do I enjoy looking at guitars?  The short answer is, obviously, yes indeed.

I think the same probably goes for the majority of guitar aficionados so here they are; the current collection of guitars I use with Wobbler. All of them except the Firebird are featured on From Silence to Somewhere: