Marius Halleland - guitars/vocals - 2014+

Marius grew up with Kristian and original guitarist Morten Andreas Eriksen. The trio was inseparable through their early adolescence. Their first band morphed into one of the two proto-bands that evolved into Wobbler. When Kristian and Morten wanted to delve deeper into vintage-prog inspired music Marius pursued other musical avenues.

After years of musical wandering and more or less stable band pursuits in several genres, including a long stay with Norwegian classic metal band Thunderbolt, he was invited to fill in on a small Italian tour with his old friends in Wobbler. The combination of old friendship and mutual points of musical reference quickly ensured that the temporary gig became a permanent position. Marius lives on his farm on the Norwegian west coast where he works as a high school teacher.

"I pondered whether to write something about influences and how past musical experiences make up what I´m trying to to within Wobbler, but I figured… lets just look at some guitars instead.. These have all been Wobbled in Wobbler at some point."