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Best album 2017 by Progarchives voters, Italian endeavours, great lyrics video & Night of The Prog!

We´re not resting on our laurels, at all!. Two gigs in Italy that were great fun; including a fantastic gnocchi banquet, a drunk taxi driver, a pregnant violinist (not our doing) & the ever great joy of transporting equipment on airplanes. In addition, Hugo Martinez made a great, great lyrics video for Fermented Hours! We´ve never had anyone doing something like this with our music before. Huge credit to him for doing such an awesome job! Above all else is the fact that the users and reviewers at voted From Silence To Somewhere the best prog album released in 2017! Combined with the fact that Silence still is at 18th place on their overall list of all time....make us, giddy and somewhat perplexed (see who´s above). We´re simple Norwegians after all. Simple, but not "easy"...we´ll never be easy. That´s why we´re heading to Canada this month. We travel. You come. The best for last. We´re playing Night of The Prog in Loreley this summer! We are very, very thankful for this opportunity to present our music to the audience at the largest prog festival in Europe!

We played in Rome on March 23 and Milan on March 24. Both concerts went really well and the audience were great! Huge credit to violinist Åsa Ree, check out her other bands; Brevkongen: Spotify / Soundcloud / facebook and Meer: Spotify / Soundcloud / facebook), multi instrumentalist Håkon Oftung; Jordsjø: Spotify / Soundcloud / facebook and Tusmørke: Spotify / Soundcloud / facebook) & our truly amazing sound engineer Joakim Fossum. Some pictures below:

Hugo Martinez made an awesome lyric video for Fermented Hours that we enjoy very much. It has the same feel as our own album excerpts video and quite frankly, this is a video we could have made ourselves. We´re ever grateful. PS! It has women making bread, demons and bonfires. What´s not to like?

2017 was a great year! From Silence To Somewhere was voted best album of 2017 by the users of We just wanted to say it one more time. Sorry. Deal with it.

Finally. We´re doing a lot of gigs in July we´re playing at Night of The Prog at Loreley. The holy grail of prog festivals in Europe. We are utterly delighted for this opportunity and we´ll do our very best to present our music in the best way possible! If you like our music please attend. If you´re just curious about us, please attend. If you hate us, please attend. This is huge for us and we´re looking forward to it very much!

Until next time, stay safe & sharp!


The Wobblers.

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