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Lars Fredrik Frøislie - keyboards/vocals - 1999+
Lars Fredrik Frøislie on stage

Lars grew up on a farm just outside the little town of Hønefoss where he started playing keyboards at the age of 10. In 1999 he founded Wobbler with Martin, Kristian and former Wobbler-guitarist Morten Andreas Eriksen. He wanted to create music within the same aesthetics as that of the bands from the golden era of Prog, 1969-75. Over the years Lars has collected a large amount of analog keyboards, vintage gear and other musical instruments, which now make up the core equipment of his studio. He has produced albums by Tusmørke, In Lingua Mortua, Haakon Ellingsen, Three Winters and participated on releases by White Willow, The Opium Cartel, Weserbergland, Finn Coren, Xploding Plastix, Urgehal, Ásmegin, Rhys Marsh, and Shining (SE) to name a few. The past years Lars has made music for various films for cinema and TV in cooperation with Ketil Einarsen (White Willow, Weserbergland, ex-Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho, etc.). He is currently working as an art historian and running his studio, LFF Studios as well as running Termo Records with White Willow’s Jacob Holm-Lupo.

"Lately i’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to use of modern equipment when i’m doing a live-gig. It’s a combination of convenience (it weighs literally a ton combined) and also because many of the instruments are quite rare and moody. Like when the clavinet gets out of tune 5 minutes before we’re on (that’s over 60 strings that needs tuning).. But in the studio there’s a different story. There it’s stricktly vintage and analog. There’s something that can’t be reproduced with the real deal. The sound, the touch, the smell, the look, the random glips and wobbles. Having a mellotron for instance is like having an old car. Sometimes you have to push it to get the engine running, and there will be oil-spillings. Also i want the listener to know that what you hear is authentic and not a replica (meaning digital samles / soft synth, etc)."

Lars Fredrik Frøislie keyboards
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