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Martin Kneppen - drums/perc./recorders - 1999+
Martin Kneppen drums

Martin hails from Hønefoss as well, and grew up alongside Lars. He started playing drums at an early age, before he eventually founded Wobbler with Lars and Morten Andreas Eriksen. Over the years Martin has played with a wide variety of bands like Tusmørke, Angst Skvadron and Ásmegin. He has a liking for climbing and long treks in the Norwegian mountainside.

Martin started playing drums in the local school marching band when he was nine years old. He was lucky to get a teacher and mentor from the famous drum academy in San Diego California inspiring him to continue playing and enjoying drums. In his early teens he started a band inspired by The Doors called the Huggy Bug Bear Band with Lars. This eventually led them to discover progressive rock. The natural evolution of this was founding Wobbler with Kristian and Morten Andreas Eriksen. The introduction to english folk band Gryphon resulted in playing in an early music consort at the University of Oslo His involvment in the early music scene inspired Wobbler to use instruments like the theorbo, recorders and crumhorns. Being a teenager in Norway in the nineties he got quite in to the black metal scene as well, playing with various acts from Hønefoss. Today Martin is also a member of the psychedelic folk rock band Tusmørke. He currently works at a museum in Oslo and writes a master thesis about fascistic tendencies in The Norwegian Mountaineering Club in the 20s and 30s. 

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