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From Silence To Somewhere release concert!

Updated: Nov 25, 2017

In true Wobbler "let´s see if we can pull this off"-fashion we arranged the release concert for From Silence To Somewhere in Oslo konserthus (home of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra) on November 16th. At last we were able to present all tracks from our fourth album. Additional musicians Håkon Oftung (Jordsjø & Tusmørke) on flute and and Åsa Ree (Meer & Brevkongen) on violin contributed magnifically to the compositions in a live setting. We also brought our finest gear, including the seldom heard live Mellotron M400 alongside flute & recorder interplay, bass clarinet and extended solo sections for keyboards, guitar and bass.

Short snippets here:

Photos by the truly great photographer Anne-Marie Forker (

In short, we had a blast and we hope we managed to give the songs a true presentation in a live setting. A huge thanks to everyone that showed up! Last but not least, humble and gigantic thanks to Joakim Hovde Fossum, our sound engineer who always keeps up with our antics and general indecisiveness regarding stage set-up and try-outs. We play the music, but he calmly shapes us when we go head-to-head with ears at large!

Oh. and in case you haven´t noticed. "From Silence To Somewhere" can be acquired here: Thanks to all of you that´ve bought our record so far!

As a bonus, here´s a picture of a flying castle in a Norwegian fairytale. Yep, it has dragons.

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